Deep Steamed Green Tea (Fukamushi cha)

深蒸し茶 (Fukamushi cha) – Deep Steamed Green Tea

Kakegawa city in Shizuoka has been renowned for the lowest cancer and lower circulatory disease mortality rates in Japan. Shizuoka is, needless to say, very famous for Mt. Fuji along with its green tea. Kakegawa city is one of the largest producers of green tea in the region. Naturally, Kakegawa citizens take green tea daily for centuries and it is considered one of the crucial factors for the rates.

The green tea which has been taken by Kakegawanians is mainly 深蒸し茶 (Fukamushi cha), deep steamed green tea. The potencies are the same as 煎茶 (Sencha) green tea which is boosting the immune system, reducing stress, and preventing infectious disease. Fukamushi green tea has only several tens of seconds longer steaming time than Sencha at tea processing.

However ‘the several tens of seconds’ brings out a sweeter, richer and deeper flavour, and extracts higher components of the tea. By steaming longer, the leaves become softer and easier to break into powder. More powder among the tea leaves, the bigger amount of green tea nutrition can be absorbed into the body as there are active tea components that usually remain in the tea grounds such as fiber, beta carotene, vitamin E, and minerals.

Choosing Fukamushi cha is the way to a healthier life!