New Year and Good Luck Tea

The year of 2019 is finally here . Have you achieved your 2018 resolutions? Many of us wish to be happier and healthier for the new year.

Welcoming new year is very important for Japanese people. It can say that it is almost equals to Christmas. There are many traditions during the period in Japan. Having special new year dishes called OSECHI (おせち) or ZONI (雑煮) is one of them. All the traditions have meanings of good luck and wishing to have happiness and being healthy for the rest of the year.

Over 10 centuries, drinking Obukucha (大福茶) is a famous new year tradition in Kansai (west part in Japan) area. People in the area believes that having Obukucha in new year period bring luck and health. Obukucha is a green tea with Umeboshi (pickled plum) and Konbu (seaweed). Both Umeboshi and Konbu are symbol of happiness and joy and good luck. Moreover it is said that one of the very famous monks Kuya stopped an epidemic by serving green tea with Umeboshi, since then Murakami the emperor at the time had started having the tea in new year period.

Cheers with the good luck tea and wish you all a healthy, happy and a joyous new year!